Pricing + Packages


Swan Hunts:

We are very fortunate here in Utah to be able to hunt Tundra Swans. If an applicant is successful in drawing one of 2,750 permits, it's an exciting chance to harvest a magnificent decoying bird with a wingspan of over 6 feet! Application period is in july, with tens of thousands of the "Great White Birds" arriving the first of november.

$225/per gun - per day

Duck Hunts:

There are many ways to hunt ducks along the Wasatch Front. Whether it's a traditional "coffin" style hunt in the sheet water of the Great Salt Lake, a diver shoot from a layout boat, or chasing puddle ducks in the numerous backwater marshes, we offer it all!

$225/per gun - per day

Goose Hunts:

Everyone would love to kill limits of geese everyday! That is a tough task, especially in Utah. We have access to premium ground, but even with that, consistency is near impossible. We don't chase the Canadas unless we see them! Pit blinds and Avery blinds are normally our choice of hides.

$250/per gun - per day

Spring Snow Geese:

Utah has a Spring Snow Goose season. While our flyway doesn't have numbers of the central flyway, it offers a great opportunity to harvest the white geese. We hunt in Northern Utah, out of a "pit," and only hunt with four hunters at a time. We hunt over an impressive spread of up to 1200 decoys consisting of GHG fullbodies, windsocks, electronic calls and motion decoys.

$1000/per day *price includes up to 4 hunters

Corporate Package:

We've put together a special package for your group - the corporate package can be used for duck or swan hunts. This will cover up to 4 hunters, warm lunch and a Fried Feathers hat for each hunter!

$1000/ per day

Kids 17 and under get $50 off!