Rob Friedel - Guide/Outfitter
28 Waterfowl Seasons
Avery Outdoors Pro Staff 
Growing Up on the Wasatch Front, Rob has always had a love for the outdoors. You can't see it from the couch, so get out and enjoy it!

We are professional waterfowl hunting guides and boat captains offering exciting hunts from the water to dry fields,  in a variety of hunting methods with proven results.  Whether running over inches of water in a high performance airboat, or bobbing around in a coffin blind, our goal is your enjoyment! Fried Feathers takes pride in finding concealment while allowing opportunities for outdorsmen of all sizes and abilities. We use only the most realistic spreads of Greenhead Gear Decoys and pride ourselves on being able to provide you with a quality hunt, tour, or ride on or around Utah's inland sea.

Kelton Friedel 

Avery Youth Field Staff

10 waterfowl seasons

Starting at an early age, Kelton lived to be in the marsh with his Dad and Grandfather. He lives and breathes Avery Outdoors. His passion at such a young age proves that ANYONE can get involved in the outdoors.

Chad Yamane - Guide/Outfitter
28 Waterfowl Seasons
Avery Pro Staff - Flyway Manager
Finding and finishing waterfowl is what Chad lives for! Chad loves the pursuit and getting to the "x"!

​Fried Feathers